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Meet our Advisory Committee

The Starlight Investments Journey to Conquer Cancer is thrilled to welcome our 2023 Advisory Committee members. These advisors offer valuable participant insight, suggest improvements to better the overall event experience, and maximize fundraising efforts. They also guide the overall cause, examining the past, and planning a path forward for the second decade of The Journey.


  • Ashleigh Dungan

  • Barb Myers

  • Catharine Chamberlain

  • Christine Aykac

  • Debbie Dickinson

  • Diana Cable

  • Eli Hay

  • Judeen Johnson

  • Julie Catzman

  • Kiran Atwal

  • Linda McKie

  • Linda O’Connor

  • Marianthi Ioannou

  • Paul Solomons

  • Steve Margaronis

  • Suzy Batista

Interested in joining our Advisory Committee? Contact David Gilchrist to learn more.  
David Gilchrist

Advisory Committee Contact

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