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Important Safety Message about our September 2022 Event.

The Starlight Investments Journey to Conquer Cancer strives to create a fun and safe environment for all our participants, volunteers, and guests. The current situation related to the global pandemic is dynamic, but we will continue to take all the necessary provincial and local health precautions and measures to keep our event as safe as possible.

What we are doing:
  • Detailed and flexible COVID Safety Plans 
  • Dedicated on site COVID compliance coordinator
  • Additional sanitization, PPE and signage 
  • Training for volunteers and staff
  • Applying appropriate design principles to all event sites to encourage safe participation

What we are asking:
  • Be flexible, understanding and patient  
  • Self-check - be healthy and follow the provincial health guidelines  
  • Keep a safe distance when possible 
  • Wash your hands
  • Respect mask mandatory areas (pending Federal, Provincial or Local Health orders)
  • Please follow all on site expectations including proof of vaccination and on-site screening (pending Federal, Provincial or Local Health orders)

Where to find more information:

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